Pingyang chunde auto parts co., LTD. : fault analysis of automotive air conditioning system (II)

  2. Lift the hood to confirm that the electronic fan is running at the same time and the compressor is running. If it is not running, loosen the protective cover of the high-pressure pipe, and find a sharp tool to gently press the high-pressure exhaust ejector to see if there is a strong refrigerant overflow. If there is, it will prove that the fault of the air conditioner is in the electrical system. If there is no strong overflow of refrigerant, please carefully check whether there is any oil stain on each joint of the air conditioning pipe. If there is, it proves that there is a leakage point in the air conditioning system. This kind of maintenance may waste time, and it is very likely that there will be another leakage point after the repair. Please owners of repair leakage to be fully understood. Finally remember to screw down the protective cover.
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